What to Expect

cat exam

What you can expect from your first visit with us at Compassion Veterinary Center is a warm greeting from our friendly staff. Our receptionist will check your pet in, copy any records you may have, and as soon as a room is available, you and your pet will be directed to one of our two exam rooms. The veterinarian will examine your pet with the help of one of our assistants or technicians. 

The veterinarian will ask questions about you and your pet such; as what diet you are feeding? How often and how much food you feed? What is your pet’s activity level? How much water does your pet drink? What are your pet’s bathroom habits? And other questions of this sort so that we can obtain a complete history on your pet.  

Dog Exam

Your pet's physical exam will include a thorough investigation of your pet from nose to tail, including everything in between such as; eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, body, skin, heart, lungs, and joints. After the exam is complete the veterinarian will then inform you of their suggestions for your pet’s treatment plan, which may include diagnostics such as x-rays, bloodwork, urinalysis, etc.

After all diagnostic and treatment options have been explained, and you have received the answers to all of your questions, the veterinarian will then help you reach a decision for your pet based on what is best for both of you.  

During your visit we will be happy to provide you with an estimate for your pet’s treatment plan that you and the veterinarian have decided upon. Either the veterinarian or a technician will go over the estimate with you so that any questions you might have can be answered.   

Once the veterinarian and you have agreed on the course of action for your pet’s condition, treatment can begin. Once any treatments that need to be performed in our hospital are complete the veterinarian will discuss with you everything that was done for your pet and give you further instructions on any home care that might be needed. Our receptionist will help you schedule a follow up visit, if need be, and process your payment.    


We sincerely look forward to meeting you and your furry family member. 

Sometimes our veterinarians may refer you to a specialist, veterinarians who have completed advanced studies in specialties such as internal medicine, surgery, and emergency care, if your pet must undergo a procedure that requires more precise knowledge and experience.

Please note: Our veterinarians and staff strive to make every visit and exam as low stress as possible for both you and your pet. We also try our very best to see our patients at the time of their appointment, however, emergencies do happen and even though we try to save time for them unexpected occurrences can cause delays. We apologize in advance for delayed wait times and do hope you will understand that if our doctor is late coming in for your visit then it means that they were needed for urgent care.