Get to Know the Rest of Our Staff


Meet Our Receptionists

Sue Dungan

Sue is a long time resident of New Paltz, New York! She has been a receptionist here at Compassion Veterinary Center of New Paltz since 2007! Sue is a cat lover and she has several of her own at home.

Debra Rodriguez

Lola and Reese

Debra was born and raised in Southern California and has lived there until only recently. She moved to New York in June 2011. She has been happily married for 32 years and has two children and one granddaughter. Debra has had animals all her life, from parakeets to horses. Currently, she has two dogs, whose names are Reese and Lola.

Meet Our Kennel Attendants 

Jessica Earl                                                                                                             

Jessica's dog Miah

Jessica has lived in New Paltz her whole life. She grew up in a family that always included two or three pets (mainly cats and dogs), so naturally she developed a love for animals. Jessica says she finds working with animals to be very rewarding and she enjoys working here at Compassion Veterinary Center, so much that she is pursuing getting her vet tech license! Jessica also does some pet sitting as well, so if you need a wonderful pet sitter with lots of animal experience just call our office and ask for Jessica or stop by and pick up one of her cute business cards!  

This awesome picture to the right is Jessica's dog Miah!

Christina Ragonese

Christina and Waylon

Christina lives is Milton, NY. For as long as Christina can remember she has always loved animals and interacting with them. She joined the Compassion Veterinary Center Team in 2017. Christina enjoys being a part of the team because it makes her happy when she gets to see so many furry friends and to help them in any way she can. While Christina and her family currently don’t have pets their last dog was an Italian mastiff named C.C. Whom Christina say was a big love-bug and she loved her very much.

Meet Our Resident Animals

waylon the cat


Waylon has been living at Compassion Veterinary for longer than we can remember.  We are guessing that he is around 17-18 years old.  He started off as a feral cat that lived outside our practice and would never let people touch him in his younger days. We had to catch him with a have-a-heart trap to bring him in and neuter, vaccinate, and do dental work on him over the years, but in October of 2015 we decided he was just to old to live outside in the winter, so we brought him in and in he has stayed since. At first he was very nervous, but has since turned into the biggest love!  If you are here visiting us at Compassion Veterinary you might catch a glimpse of our dear Waylon wandering around, or he may even stroll up and sit on the couch with you, but if you don't see him you might just hear him for he likes to do lots of wailing hence his name.


Bird BirdRosie is our resident cockatiel! He was Dr. Karen Bennett's parent's pet, but when they became unable to care for him, Rosie came to live with us here at Compassion Veterinary Center! He is a spoiled bird that loves only Dr. Bennett to hold him and typically only talks for her. Rosie also has a bad habit of picking at a certain spot on his back and will do so until he injures himself, hence his need to wear his special collar.