Boarding for small animals

Dog and Cat Snuggles!

At Compassion Veterinary Center of New Paltz, we board dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other smaller pets. If you have never boarded your animal before, it can be a very nerve-wracking experience – both for you and your pet. When boarding with us, we require that all our cat and dog guests must be current on their rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccines(dogs only) and be free of intestinal and external parasites. Any pets found to have parasites and/or fleas will be treated at the pet owner's expense.

Our boarding service is offered to our clients only, if you are not currently a client with us, we ask that you schedule an appointment prior to your boarding date to meet with one of our veterinarians to establish a relationship.

Boarding Hours

Pet Boarding

Drop-off hours:
Monday - Friday: Between 9:30 AM and 5 PM

Saturday: Between 9 AM and 11:30 AM

Pick-up hours:
Monday - Friday: Before 5 PM

Saturday: Before 11:30 AM

Boarding is charged by the night and depends on the space requirements of your pet.

We also offer day boarding, where your pet would be dropped off after we open and picked up before we close.

Our pricing is available upon request. If you are interested, please contact our friendly receptionists at 845-255-5920.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring my own bedding or food and water bowls?

Not at all! We have plenty of food and water bowls, fluffy comforters, blankets, and towels to keep your pets comfortable.

My pet is on a special food; is it OK for me to bring it when they board?

If your pet is a picky eater or is on a special diet, we encourage you to bring their own food. For those pets that will not be bringing their own food, we serve Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry and canned for cats and dogs.

Can I board my hamsters or rabbit?

Board your small critters with us!

Of course! Not only do we board cats and dogs, but also hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and other small pets. We ask, however, that you bring their food(including any veggies, fruit, and hay), bedding, cage, and any other accessories.


Bubble Bath!

We offer basic grooming services for our patients, like nail trims, baths, and shave downs. We offer these services for our patients that are too difficult for their owners or groomers to handle.  For the patients that are extremely frightened and/or aggressive when it comes to grooming we have the ability in our hospital, to give those patients that need it, sedation, so we can get the necessary grooming done quickly and safely for both the patient and our staff. 

Please take note that we do not have a credentialed groomer on staff at our hospital all grooming is done by our technicians who have had no formal groomer training.